Elevate Your Event Through Social Media

 Alison Ward, Event Coordinator

Alison Ward, Event Coordinator

Social media has gone viral. Chances are, your guests are plugged in to the social media pipeline - but are you? While creating a Facebook page to promote your event may seem like the only option, your organization may be missing out on other highly visible ways to educate and engage your guests and sponsors. A strategic mix of social media networks is essential if you want to see the absolute best social media saturation for your event. Read on for some tips!

Facebook. Oh, almighty Facebook. We all know that the original social network is now a must-have for any business, let alone when promoting an event. One of EPIC's annual clients City Union Mission utilizes Facebook to educate fans of their work year-round. With consistent brand promotion through Facebook, guests attending the Women Who've Changed the Heart of the City luncheon will already connect with the Mission.

Twitter. As the second most widely used social media platform, Twitter speaks to the doers, the out-and-about-ers. Take this summer's All Star Game in Kansas City, for example. Fans, sponsors and promoters of the MLB alike used the hashtag #ASG to tell the world that they were in Kansas City and excited for the All Star Game. These quick and concise tweets built hype for the event in real time.

Pinterest. How did your event look? Chances are, if you had some trendy décor or an amazing lighting plot, Pinterest could be used to your company's benefit. BBJ Linen sports a Pinterest page full of cutting edge tablescapes for every type of event. Pinterest has viral potential, which means that your photo could be re-pinned by anyone. Make sure the pin links back to your website, and you'll see your company's website trafficking numbers jump!

Storify. If your event had a particularly moving story, you might consider creating a Storify account. This platform allows you to create a social media scrapbook of sorts, enabling you to tell a story of your event through social media updates from co-workers, guests and sponsors. Take a look at the UN's Storify daily posts from the Rio+20 conference.