"Live What You Love" -- EPICite Melissa Ebert talks Storytelling & Events

If there is one thing I have taught my kids, which I hope forever resonates with them, it’s this: Live what you love. When you live and work with passion your purpose is never in question.



I was most excited about joining the EPIC team for this very reason – to continue serving my purpose through creative work. Our company, EPIC Innovative Events, along with my fellow colleagues, teammates and myself all share the same innate need to serve our clients by creating meaning of message and by igniting emotion through events.  However, in order to accomplish this, we must be more than event planners, we must become inspired and passionate storytellers. As storytellers, we have the great privilege of helping our clients successfully weave their stories and distinct messages into unique experiences for their audiences. Their passions become ours and vice-versa.

As I foray into my EPIC journey, I wanted to highlight three inspiring quotes, which embody how we, as event professionals (the storytellers), help clients realize the full impact of their stories, and how when told and integrated the right way, the strategic way, what an impact that has on their most important stakeholders:

1.    “If you can dream it, you can do it!” – Walt Disney

Perhaps one of the best storytellers of our time, “Uncle Walt,” encouraged us to think big and expand the boundaries of imagination. To this, I say, there is always a way to tell a client story. Many years of experience in event management and production has taught me that when constrained by budget, regulation, time - or any other obstacle – creative thinking sparks innovation, which becomes the value-add we bring to our clients. 

2. "Listening is the secret to discover great stories." - Fyrefly London

Who isn’t guilty of believing that clients, bosses, friends, (ourselves!), don’t know what they don’t know? We challenge you to think differently. The truth is, deep down, people always know what they want. By listening to our clients with the intent to listen rather than just to respond (thank you, Stephen Covey!) the brilliance of their stories shine through. When we become engaged listeners, it is much easier to understand the important message to convey, and then translate those messages into experiences. This simple act makes all the difference when designing and creating an impactful event for our clients.

3.   “Answer: That you are here. That life exists; and identity. That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” – Walt Whitman

However philosophical it seems, I know this to be true; as storytellers, we are the makers of the experience.  Our passion-purpose is to utilize our talents of producing the “powerful play” to help our clients decide what their contribution of verse will be. Evoking emotion helps create identity and unifies passion for a cause or effort. The best thing we can do for our clients is to ensure their verses (in affect, their stories) will be translated to their audiences with intent and meaning.

Living what you love is a choice you make every day and I’m excited to start my EPIC journey doing just that. As the newest member of the EPIC team, I look forward to living what I love and channeling my passion for storytelling into events that create the most memorable experiences.