EPIC President Donna Thomason Recognized in Ingram's 2016 Women Executives - Kansas City

 Donna Thomason | President & Creative Director, EPIC Innovative Events 

Donna Thomason | President & Creative Director, EPIC Innovative Events 

This month, Ingram's announced the 2016 We KC: Women Executives of Kansas City, which included EPIC's own Donna Thomason. 

We wanted to share one of our favorite snippits from the article: 

If executive administration entails a certain element of theater, Donna Thomason surely came right out of central casting: The president and creative director of EPIC Innovative Events may have the corner-office-type job, but her heart will always be grounded in the stage. “I knew from the time I was young that I wanted to go into the theater,” says Thomason  ...

... The focus today is less on entertainment, and more on creating memorable and effective venues for corporate meetings, non-profit events, and providing video services and creative development. It’s a good fit, she says, because “good actors are entrepreneurs. We’re constantly creating ourselves, and just like acting, this is about finding out what your passion is in life, and doing it.” --Ingram's Magazine, September 2016. 

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