Creativity and Business: What Special Events Are All About

There are two words that have attained a new level of connectivity-CREATIVITY and BUSINESS.

While 'innovative business solutions' and 'creative branding' have long been catch phrases in the marketing sphere, the concept of 'CREATIVITY IN BUSINESS' is growing at a steady and I must say, exciting, rate.

While it isn't earth-shattering news that EPIC, as an event management and event service provider necessarily taps into our creative nature on a regular basis - and our tag line has long been - 'Creators of memorable, results-driven events' - creativity for us has more often than not translated to 'artistic endeavors.' And while artistry will always be important to our event management process, we've come to understand that 'being creative' does, in fact, involve a new way of thinking.

It mandates new listening skills and innovative ways to see the world around us. And it provides us with a new responsibility to be creative in the way we do business, and in how we partner with our clients.

Across the country, business people are embracing their right-brained tendencies. Entire conferences (over 50 a year!) now focus on Creativity in Business.

At EPIC we've found that, as a by-product, we can talk with clients about creatively designing their business event and dispel fears the result will be overly-theatrical and expensive.

The truth is: creativity in business is another way EPIC has found to make every single moment of an event, quite literally, pay off.

Branding the business at every turn, whether in the scenic design or the way the dessert is served, adds to the retention factor of your message; engaging attendees in a fun but goal-oriented experience from the moment they enter the venue gives legs to your intent; and entertainment that ties their name to your product raises the significance of what could otherwise be a costly line item. It all starts in creatively understanding our clients' businesses in a new way and a desire to be an extension of their team.

A Creative Experience equals A Memorable Event...and that provides a value that is ever-growing.