Sincerely Yours, The EPIC Club

Written by EPIC's Melissa Ebert

When it comes to the EPIC team, the dynamic reminds me much of the 1985 John Hughes film in which each player has a specific role (The Princess, The Brain, etc.) – except here at the EPIC Club, our individual strengths and niches provide our clients with well-versed and all-encompassing service.

In this work, it’s critical to have the right professionals on board who can accomplish all of the elements of executing a top-notch production - however, one of the best bonuses EPIC offers is not only the ability to do all of the things, but also the concentrated talents each team member brings to the proverbial table.

So in an attempt to akin our EPIC team to the epic genius of the classic John Hughes characters, let’s examine the players, shall we?

The Visionary.

Vision is what takes EPIC a step above all other event agencies. It is, perhaps, the secret sauce of creating memorable and engaging events.  We provide unparalleled experience in sparking emotion and creating depth to any event. We have the stuff it takes to help the guests emotionally connect to the clients’ cause. Sometimes it’s through custom entertainment. Oftentimes, it’s a heartfelt video. Whatever the vision is for a particular event, the guests won’t ever forget about their experience!

The Analytical Strategist.

If you need a deep dive into event strategy, development, budget management, or committee wrangling, we’ve got your ticket. EPIC’s holistic expertise is not only in the creative and theatrical elements of events, but in the way we keep the cogs of the machine well-oiled and in tune with our clients’ needs. We help create a strong foundation on which to build the house.

The Communicator.

With cautious flair, the right message at the right time creates an everlasting impact. EPIC’s marketing talents guide the clients along the process of strategically positioning the organization and the event. Communicating goals in profound ways, combined with brand-inspired messaging is how we ensure the mission is served and the right guests are in the seats.

The Creative.

It takes a village to make an event impactful. However, without creativity, events could just be pulled out of a box- rinsed, dried, and repeated. We help our clients’ programs have unique looks and unmatched presence – from the talent, to the tablescapes, to printed materials, right down to the show looks on the screens (and everything in between).

The Stylist.

Keeping on-trend is important to our clients. Whether corporate or nonprofit, cookie cutter events just don’t yield the ROI that fresh and outside-the-box events do.  EPIC works hard to know what stylistic trends to add to our formula – so the clients don’t have to. We always have new and exciting ideas to present. No tired redo’s here!

The Writer.

Scripting is a key element for any event- not only for the words to be read and spoken, but also for the actions and technical cues of all the professionals helping behind the scenes. We handle that all in-house, making the magic happen to ensure a seamless experience - both on and off the stage.

The Project Manager.

Event management is, at its core, a very long list of checks and balances. From creative concept to boots-on-the-ground execution, keeping everyone on the same page and on schedule is critical to the success of the event. Luckily, here at EPIC, we have this talent in spades! As an extension of client staff, we create detailed timelines with milestones and deliverables helping all involved move toward the same goal.


And, while we’re not serving detention on a Saturday in the high school library circa 1985, we have discovered, “…in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions,” that we are each, in part, representative of each of these players in the cast of characters in the EPIC Club. And, we are thankful every day for our clients who allow us to be part of the show.