We’ve just returned from another successful site visit for a valued client with some logistic questions answered but many more revealed. And while this long-time client / partner has a smart and competent internal team of event pros for whom EPIC works as an extension, often times the responsibility of planning a conference falls to the marketing team. And let’s face it, the marketing staff, who are stellar at MARKETING, are often over taxed when it comes to taking on the myriad of additional tasks that are incumbent in conference planning.

SITE VISITS in particular require some industry know-how to make sure you are not ending up at a venue that won’t serve your attendees’ needs, or worse, might do more harm than good to attendee morale.

Sourcing the proper facility can be daunting, so it’s advantageous to have someone involved in the process who knows what questions to ask - and it’s a long, long list of questions to be sure.

It’s more than ‘how many rooms do you have’ or ‘is your golf course PGA rated?’ The proven event professional will help you negotiate more than the best room rate. They will research the professionalism of the service staff; the level of expertise of the Executive Chef; the knowledge of the onsite A/V company; and is there an exclusive with the internal AV team or can you do an RFP for services? (EPIC rarely recommends a facility that has a required AV team, by the way. Leveraging the best production deal for our clients is critical to the kind of events we produce and supports our primary objective – to maximize the return on a client’s significant event investment).

As skilled site managers we, at EPIC, know to check the ratio of venue staff to guests to determine average service time; what overflow capabilities are at nearby venues should our client’s room block max out at the primary resort, and maybe, most important, we know to negotiate the proper contingencies into a contract should the unthinkable occur: a hurricane Harvey hits one week before (or DURING) your conference.

As qualified event professionals, we help you plan for the ‘unforeseeable.’

Finding the right venue, with the proper amenities, and a competent service staff can make for a valuable conference. The pitfalls are many, though. We hope, if you need a qualified and aggressive site survey team, you’ll consider contacting us at EPIC Innovative Events in Kansas City. We’d like to save you a few headaches – and a lot of money – and find you the best venue in the U.S. for your next conference or meeting. Set your ‘sites’ on EPIC.