Our Attitude of Gratitude

This week, social media will explode with posts of thanks: monologues of blessings on Facebook, photos of warm meals and full bellies on Instagram, snippets of friends and family on SnapChat and 140-character shout-outs on Twitter. It will be hard to suppress your own attitude of gratitude… even for those that have survived almost a full month of social media gratefulness eating up their news feed (you can be thankful that’s almost over).

We, like so many of you, can get swept up in the daily grind, the everyday hustle and bustle, and the constant push of the proverbial ball that we forget to look around and smell the roses, or here in KC, the barbecue.

So, because it’s one of the reasons for the season, we're sharing the top five things EPIC is most thankful for:

1.    OUR TEAM

In the midst of the event season, when 18 hour days and 70+ hour work weeks are common, we are thankful for our team. That team, the EPIC team, is a huge contributor to our success. An office full of strong, seasoned, smart, dedicated and hard-working women willing to jump in and pinch hit whenever needed is something we don’t take for granted.

But it’s not just about the work—the boss—the employee – OR the 4-legged Chief Morale Boosters…. It’s the camaraderie, the laughs, the short-hand, the sharing of our lives that makes the marathon of event season fun and the person in the next cubicle family.

2.    OUR WORK

If you look on any EPICite’s schedule today, you’d find it… yes, you guessed it…full. We produce, manage or consult on more than 60 events a year and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are extremely thankful for our client partners and community stakeholders that fill our calendars … and not just for keeping our doors open, but for the treasures they give to us and the experiences we have because of them. So far this event season, we’ve witnessed one of our nonprofit clients, Community LINC, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to end homelessness in Kansas City at their annual Rent Party; we managed a three-day national leadership conference for Camp Fire’s National Headquarters; we consulted with the American Jazz Museum to grow its Jazz Festival; and created memories for the Nelson Atkins Society of Fellows during the premier of the Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood exhibit through custom entertainment. And…we’re not done yet!   


We are truly thankful and proud to be a Kansas City-based agency. Yes, we know, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find an organization in the greater metropolitan area who isn’t right now… but our city really is great! There IS such a thing as “Kansas City nice” and we love it. Our clients are some of the most fun-loving, kind and grateful that we’ve worked with anywhere. Our community is one of the most supportive, philanthropic and passionate in the nation (not to mention our thriving sports and arts culture) and we have the benefit of being right-smack in the middle of it all. Last week, we managed the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Annual dinner and heard from pillars of our Kansas City community representing business, sports, arts and culture, philanthropy and entrepreneurship.  To say that we were inspired would be an understatement. We are so #proudtobeKC!


We are beyond thankful for our parent company who founded EPIC Innovative Events as its subsidiary 15 years ago. Starlight Theatre Association of Kansas City is full of wonderful people, a heartfelt mission and we appreciate the moments we share producing the Starlight Gala each year. We are blessed to come to work beneath the iconic towers in Swope Park and are inspired everyday by the magic of Starlight. We are also grateful for our talented Board of Directors who guide us and push us to become even greater through the sharing of their time, talents and resources. We are lucky – and we know it!


5.    OUR (short) BREAK


And finally, we are thankful for the break in our event schedule to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our friends and families-- to recharge our batteries for the events large and small and amazing clients that are on our horizon.

We wish you a safe and joyous holiday full of mirth and thanksgiving! 



...and so does Gussie!